Certified digital colour proofs

The system is made by CGS PUBLISHING TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL, USA and is based on the "ORIS" conception (Open Reproduction on Industry Standard). The main function of the proof system introduced is to provide all our business clients with certified offset colour proofs.

Short description of the certified digital offset proofs:

  • the proofs are produced in accordance with main parameters given by ISO 12647-2 and by FORGRA 39 and FOGRA 47 specifications, connected with the standart.
  • the media for the proofs is especially certified for conformance with the standards in force and with the offset technology also. in order to ensure the opacity needed all the media have a mass of 210 gsm and higher.
  • in present days almost all offset papers and paperboards contain so-called "optical brightenin agents" (OBA). because of this our printing media contains such agents, also, in order to simulate more accurately the real paper materials. 

Formats of the digital certified offset proofs:

  • а4 format: if there are no other requirements, the media is certified, semi-matte paper with mass of 250 gsm;
  • а3 format: if there are no other requirements, the media is certified, semi-matte paper with mass of 250 gsm;
  • on special request and after a preliminary clarifying with our technologists we can produce digital proofs with non-standard formats. in such cases the widht can be up to 43 cm and the length is adjusted with you.

Additional special effects on colour proofs:

In order to achieve more luxury look, or to have some kind of metallic appearance we are able to produce the colour proofs using very attractive simulation of all 7 metallic shades included in pantone plus colour guide. this option requires more time and special resources - that's why the prices and the terms are subject to a separate agreement with out technologists.

The certified offset colour proofs can be produced from the following prepress files:

  • PDF, PDF/X (composite or separated);
  • Post Script (composite or separated) EPS;
  • DCS (single file or multiple files);
  • TIFF (with spot colors), TIFF/ IT;
  • JPEG, GIF, PNG и Bitmap.


The colour proofs price usually depends on the size of media, with additional expences formed by measurement and certification of every proof, or by special format / effect required. this price you can settle with our technologists.

For ordering and additional information:

Sales Manager: vmitkov@dunavpress.com
Prepress Center: prepress@dunavpress.com