Dunav Press JSC received a Green energy certificate for the third consecutive year

Dunav Press JSC continues the tradition of using 100% renewable energy. In this way, the company reinforces its vision for a cleaner environment in the production of paper and cardboard products. The certificate issued by Energo-PRO Energy Services is kept in a public register, has a unique number and is valid until 30.06.2019. The Green energy certificates are based on the Guarantees of Origin issued by the Sustainable Energy Development Agency.

"Our company is constantly striving to increase production efficiency by implementation of new technologies and new high-efficiency machines. This will save  not only finances but also resources, such as the optimal use of Green energy, contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and climate change", said Mr. Nikolay Alexiev, Chief Executive Officer of Dunav Press JSC. "We are extremely pleased to continue this tradition, hoping more and more Bulgarian companies to follow our model. I am glad that along with our energy provider ENERGO-PRO Energy Services, we continue the tradition of being a "green company". The contribution to reducing carbon emissions and the rationally management of natural resources is highly appreciated by our customers. That is why we intend to continue to require such a certificate from future electricity suppliers for the company's needs", added Mr. Alexiev.

Dunav Press JSC, the successor of the first printing house in Bulgaria, founded in 1864 in Ruse, is now mainly focused on the production of labels and packaging for the drinking, food and pharmaceutical industries and supplies its products in Europe.

Dunav Press JSC uses 100% Green energy since 2016. The company became the third holder of the Certificate of Green energy in Bulgaria.