„Dunav press“ presented modern equipment on 2019 Open Day

On 04.07.2019. was held the 2019 Open day in the Dunav press, Ruse. The newest addition - a six-color offset printing machine with double coater, produced by the German company Heidelberg - was presented to the guests and partners of the oldest printing house in the Danube Region. The machine has been purchased with European program funding and will help reducing electricity consumption and increase eco-friendliness due to the smaller print size.
At the beginning, the Executive director Nikolay Alexiev told the guests about the history of the printing house and showed them a copy of the first printed book, printed in Mainz in 1450, as well as the typewriter of the Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov.
The guests examined the production and the machines, following the various stages of production - from pre-press and exposure, through printing and stamping, and finally the gluing of the articles. The main portfolio of Dunav press is the production of boxes for the pharmaceutical industry, mainly for export. In addition packaging is also made for household products such as fragrances, soaps and others. The guests were impressed with the organization of the business processes and the high degree of digitalization. In recent years, the company has also invested in employee training, an electronic system for internal documents, and a quality management system. The quality of production for pharmaceutical companies must be at an exceptional level and Dunav press is able to meet its customers' challenge. Thanks to the production management and the management system, orders are made and arrive on time to the satisfied customers. On behalf of the Mayor of Ruse, Plamen Stoilov, Deputy Mayor Eng. Dimitar Nakov congratulated the Executive Director Nikolay Alexiev on the successful development of the company and establishing it as one of the best in the country.


‘It was my pleasure to be part of the 2019 Open Day at Dunav press-July 4th 2019. I was deeply impressed about the entire company. The performance of the print demonstration was more the excellent as well as the printed products I’ve seen. The organization of the entire event was outstanding. I did enjoy the boat trip very much as well as the dinner afterwards. Epple Druckfarben AG is very proud to be the Supplier of Dunav press.’

Wilfried Bauder,
Head of International Sales
Epple Druckfarben AG, Germany


Print Industry GmbH is Dunav press’s competent partner for solution-oriented consulting services and development of high quality product solutions for the graphic industry. As a dynamic, modern and innovative company Print Industry GmbH focuses more on research and development that reflected in our products.
We as a proud partner of Dunav Press visited the 2019 Open day on 04.07.2019 which was an all-round successful and perfectly organized event. At this event it was very clear to see that Dunav Press produced at the highest European standard. Over the last few years we have been allowed to accompany Dunav Press, Dunav Press has developed into one of the most modern printer in the packagingand pharmacy industry. From prepress to processing all machines, materials and processes are at the highest level. We congratulate Dunav Press for this development.

Jens Frings,
Print Industry GmbH, Germany


Dunav Press JSC has justified and substantiated its status as a strategic partner of the Aenova Group for several years due to its motivated and talented employees and managers, as well as its unique machinery and reliable logistics. The commissioning of the new printing machine and the associated capacity increase up to 600 million folding boxes per year, is an investment in the continued growth of Dunav Press JSC and also in our partnership. The associated customer event was the perfect opportunity to find out about the trends in the printing industry and to interact with many participants in our valuable chain.
Thank you for the invitation and all the best for the future.

Thomas Schweiger,
Lead Buyer Packaging Materials
Aenova Group, Germany


First of all, I would like to thank you for the invitation and to express my admiration for the professional organization of the event, distinguished by style and originality. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to attend. Your production facilities, which we have been able to see unambiguously, underline your long-term vision for stable and sustainable development in national and international terms. Thank you for the successful cooperation and I hope we will develop our partnership more and more reliably.

Plamen Zhekov,
Senior Vendor Manager, Team Leader
Deutsche Leasing Bulgaria


First of all, I would like to thank our host Mr. Alexiev once again for the invitation and to say that it was a real pleasure for me to be your guest and to be part from this event. For the event itself, I can only say that pleasantly surprised me with its breakthrough. Starting with the professional demonstration of the latest, as well as all other printing machines, the overall printing process, getting to the wonderful Danube river walk and the fantastic dinner, without forgetting the nice people I had the pleasure to meet. We are happy and we are honored to be a partner of a leading printing house in Bulgaria such as Dunav press. Once again congratulations for the incredible organization.

Olya Grigorova,
Senior Sales Manager
Atradius Crédito y Caución S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros, branch Bulgaria


For me, as Marketing Director of CEZ Trade Bulgaria it was extremely interesting to get acquainted with their newest printing machine with six printing units and double coater Heidelberg XL 75 as well as with the whole technological process carried out in Dunav press. I am impressed by the high professionalism of printing services experts and the entire process of producing cardboard packaging. The trust of Dunav press is a recognition and responsibility for us.
We always approach our customers as partners to build a successful business together. The participation of Dunav press in CEZ Trade's largest balancing group in Bulgaria will allow it both to optimize its costs and to get the best possible ratio of energy produced from renewable sources. The 2019 Open day in Dunav press was the way the printing house showed its renewed face to its clients and partners. I wish Dunav press to maintain its traditions and also to continue confidently striding into 21st century.

Desislava Alexieva,
Marketing Director
CEZ Trading Bulgaria


‘It was a pleasure and a privilege for us to be part of the 2019 Open day in Dunav press. The event was very well organized and was a good platform for information exchange among all the participants. We are impressed by the technological development of Dunav press, which we have the opportunity to observe  directly in recent years. Dunav press and Metsa Board are strategic partners in offering complex solutions for the needs of the pharmaceutical and packaging industry. We are looking forward to our upcoming joint development.’

Tanya Dimova,
Representative of Metsä Board for Bulgaria
Anders Ek,
Sales Director, Merchants and EMEA Agent markets
Metsä Board, Finland


‘We have known Dunav press for more than 2 years. With a production capacity of 600 million boxes per year, Dunav press belongs to the ten largest packaging manufacturing companies for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. This position is achieved consistently by constant investments in machinery and equipment, targeted training programs and further qualification of employees, optimal processes and modern quality management system, as well as a high degree of customer orientation. For example, the average age of the modern machine park of Dunav press is under 5 years. Also, the quality level fully meets the requirements of the international pharmaceutical concerns. With their specialization to produce small and medium-sized orders, where the proportion of preparation is relatively large, Dunav press optimally uses its portfolio and is positioned in a particular way to its competitors. The partnership between Kroha and Dunav press has already been established. All orders are performed reliably and on time by Dunav press. Regarding our future development, Kroha plans to own a share participation in Dunav press until 31 December 2019. We are glad for our joint partnership and wish the leadership of Dunav press successes in the further development of the company.’

Dierk Schröder,
Managing Director
Kroha Holding GmbH, Germany


‘It was a pleasure for me to attend this event.
I was very impressed with the organization of your holiday. In typical "Western" style, everything was tailored to a high standard, corresponding to the name of Dunav press.
I congratulate you on your achievements in recent years!
I can say with confidence that you have the equipment and machines that have the best, world-class quality and performance.
You're no match for Western printers, and with the new 6-color Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5 + LYYL 6-color Printing Machine, you'll be even more flexible and competitive.
To the whole team of Dunav press JSC, and in particular to Mr. Nikolay Alexiev, I wish you to be healthy, still inspired and passionate to pursue your goals.
Good luck!’

Simeon Popov
Heidelberg Bulgaria EOOD