For Sale Gidue E-COMBAT 430 7K UV IST

Producer: Gidue S.p.A., Italy

Model: E-COMBAT 430 7K UV IST

Year: 2004

Printing possibilities:  front 7/6    back 0/1

Web Width: min. 65% of the max. web width max. 430   mm

Print Width: max. 420 mm

Printing Repeat: min. 203,2 mm (8'') - max. 609,6 (24'')

Mechanical Speed:       180 mt/min

Production Speed:       150 mt/min

         The real production speed depends on:

         - printing conditions

         - kind of material

         - print cylinders and plates repeat

         - inks and varnishing

         - kind of die cutting and shape

Reference Web Path Drawing

Printable Material (thickness)

         BOPP                           min 15my                   max 200 my

         PAPER                        min 60gsm                  max 200gsm

         SUPPORTED WEB      min 100gsm                 max 250gsm

         BOARD                       min 100gsm                 max 350gsm

         Alluminum                   from 12 my                  to 50 my

Ink Type: UV

Plate Thickness: 1.14  mm

Sticky Back Thickness: 0.38/0.55.   mm

Max unwind reel diameter: 1000 mm

Diameter of the unwind shaft: 76 mm or 152 mm

Max rewind diameter on the output shaft: 700 mm

Diameter of the rewind shaft: 76 mm or 152 mm

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