For sale Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CS 2nd Generation

Cutting, Creasing and Embossing Machine Varimatrix 105 CS 2nd Generation for the converting of paper, cardboard and B-flute corrugated board.

  • for fully automatic cutting, creasing and embossing
  • system with Non-Stop sheet feeder and pre piling device
  • register system at feed and cutting station
  • stripping of internal waste and the side and rear sheet edges
  • servo drive feed table
  • pneumatic locking device for cutting chase
  • standard Non-Stop delivery with gripper edges still attached or with gripper edge removed
  • sheet counter (tape strip inserter) at delivery
  • gallery
  • centerline system



Depending on quality of material and sheet layouts:

  • Paper to a minimum weight of 80 g/m²
  • Cardboard or solid board up to a maximum weight of 1400 g/m²
  • Corrugated board up to a maximum thickness of 4 mm

      max. sheet warping 2,5 % (with higher warping we reserve the right to prior testing)


Sheet size                                                                                                max.750 x 1050 mm

                                                                                                              min.  350 x 400 mm

300x350 mm with small sheet device (Item 2.4)

Cutting pressure

max.   3.0 MN / 300 t

Machine speed

max.            7500 s/h


FLOOR PLAN DIMENSIONS (according to floor plan)


Length of machine with feeder and trolley:

ca. 7.100  mm

Width of machine including operator platform

ca. 3.900  mm

Height of machine

ca. 2.500  mm



(for bringing the machine into the plant, without transport equipment, without elevation!)


Length of transported unit – feeder/feed table

       ca.3.600   mm

Length of transported unit – cutting machine

       ca.3.700   mm

Width of machine

       ca.2.300   mm

Height of machine

       ca.2.230   mm




Weight of machine including feeder

ca. 15,7 t

Weight of feeder

ca. 1,7 t




Feeder pile including pallet

weight max.   1200 kg

with non stop

height max. 1000 mm

without non stop

height max. 1200 mm

Delivery pile including pallet

weight max.      840 kg


height max. 1000 mm




Maximum dimensions of cutting die

740 x 1060 mm

Net cutting area

727 x 1050 mm

Gripper edge margin, adjustable

10 - 18 mm

(13 mm wood in front of 1st knife)




With  voltage deviation a suitable transformer is required!


Supply voltage

3 * 230 V AC 50/60 Hz  

Power requirement

60 A

max. electrical connected load

25 kVA

Network configuration

TN-C-net / TN-S-net / TN-C-S-net


According to IEC 60364-4-41

Compressed air requirement

6 - 8 bar


max. 40.000 l / h (Ø 21.600 l / h)

The controller is to connect to a compressed air system as per ISO 8573-1. Unoiled,

oil free and appropriate dried compressed air (ISO 8573-1, class 4 with 3° Celsius

pressure dew point) are preconditioned.

Compressor is not included in the delivery scope.







Non Stop sheet feeder equipped with:


  • pre-piling device
  • one suction head for paper, board and   

      corrugated board

  • mechanical double sheet detection
  • manual suction head adjustment
  • manual side blowers
  • sheet synchronization device
  • pile platform with motorized lateral pile adjustment, on

      top of the floor including ramp

  • tape table with 8 conveyor belts
  • pressure and vacuum compressor
  • 2 Varimatrix pallets



  • side lay for push or pull on operating and drive side,

      with facility for changeover from paper to board

  • four active front lays for ensuring proper sheet

      alignment by means of proximity switches. Front lays      

      are selectable in pairs

  • fine adjustment of front lays on drive and

      operator side          

  • sheet retarding unit
  • servo drive feet table
  • sheet arrival monitoring
  • register system



  • centerline system


  • swivel carrier arms

  • manual adjustment of cutting pressure
  • pneumatic locking device for die cutting chase
  • register system


     Tool set at cutting station:

  • 2 chases with fixed make-ready plates (Item 3.1)

      (Please specify: hole pattern diagonal or right-angled)                                                                                                                                    

  • 1 cover plate
  • 2 cutting plates 5.0 mm (Item 3.2)



  • centerline system (stripping board)
  • frame drive for upper and lower tool frame
  • device to take up a stripping board


Tool set at stripping station:

  • 2 tool frames (item 4.1)
  • 1 set of equipment for top stripping tools (without frame) (item 4.2)
  • 1 set of equipment for bottom stripping tools (without frame) (item 4.3)
  • 2 waste container for stripping station




  • non-stop rolling carpet
  • gripper edge removal system
  • pile carrying platform, 12 mm thick on top of the floor including ramp
  • sheet counting device (tape inserter)
  • manual sheet size adjustment
  • sheet brake brush
  • pneumatic sheet hold-down elements



IN GENERAL                                                      


  • touch screen for human: machine communication,
    indication of operating status and errors
  • local control panels for convenient operation
  • central lubrication system
  • automatic chain lubrication



  • CE-certificate
  • GC-approval



All data are non-binding guideline values. We reserve the right to make technical alterations at any time without special notice.




Price in Euro




Extra accessories / options



Raised foundation to increase the feeder and the delivery piles by a 300 mm including raised operator platform



Rotary current save transformer (with CE-certificate)  *

Rating 25 kVA

Frequency       50/60 Hz

Primary voltage           3x400 V

Secondary voltage       3x230 V

Nominal current           37 A

Starting current            15 - 20 x In

integrated in steel plate housing, protection category IP 43



Transport guides for corrugated board



Fine adjustment system for cutting plates

incl. 1 x 4 mm cutting plate; 1 x 1 mm thin cutting plate - hard;

25 x 1 mm thin cutting plates - medium-hard

fine adjustment system can only be used with included thin cutting plates



Quick lock chase with fixed make-ready plate

- hole pattern diagonal



Quick lock chase with fine adjustment



Quick look device with fine adjustment for stripping board



Pre-make-ready tabel (for upper and lower stripping tools)



Tool set for pre make-ready table
  - 2 tool frames (top and bottom)
  - 15 hold-down buffers of foam rubber
  - 57 stripping spring pins Ø 3,0 mm
  - 25 hexagonal stripping pins wrench size 10,0 mm
  - stripping pins of Ø 3,0, 5,0 and 7,0 mm (50 pces of each)
  - stripping plates 35 x 100 mm - thickness: 1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 5,0 / 6,0 mm (5 x) 
  - stripping plates 35 x 50 mm - thickness: 1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 5,0 / 6,0 mm (5 x)
  - stripping plates 30 x 35 mm - thickness: 1,0 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 6,0 mm (10 x)
  - carrier bars of length: 260, 415 and 656 mm (16 x)
  - brackets and mounting parts




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