This document determines the requirements to the computer files that are accepted for prepress work in Dunav Press JSC. These requirements does not correspond to the files that are to be implemented in any kind of screen graphics or presentations. They are an integral part of the company's Quality Management System and can be used only in the form they are presented here. These requirements are full intellectual ownership of Dunav Press JSC.


The following file versions are accepted for exposure on film:

IBM-PC platform:

- Adobe® Illustrator® - up to version Creative Cloud, formats AI, EPS

- Adobe® Photoshop® - up to version Creative Cloud, formats: PSD, TIFF, EPS;

- Adobe® InDesign® - up to version Creative Cloud;

- CorelDRAW! TM - versions up do 15;

- PostScript® (EPS and PS/PRN) - Levels 1, 2, 3;

- QuarkXPress TM - versions up to 4.1.

MACINTOSH platform:

- Adobe® Illustrator® - versions up to Creative Cloud, formats AI, EPS

- Adobe® Photoshop® - versions up to Creative Cloud, formats: PSD, TIFF, EPS;

- PostScript® (EPS and PS/PRN) - Levels 1, 2, 3;


If the client's file uses images or objects, generated in another program, no matter whether they are embedded or externally linked, these images or objects have to be supplied together with the file. If the client encloses DCS EPS files, they must be saved with ASCII encoding. It's not allowed to transfer images between different programs using the Clipboard (PC and Macintosh). For such purpose the commands / or in the programs must be used.


The client must bring the fonts that are used in his files, except the case when all texts are converted to curves. It's recommended to use only PostScript® Type1 fonts. If Windows® system fonts or TrueType fonts are used, then the executor does not guarantee the exact reproduction of the originals.


Every file that is received for pre-press work must be attended with actual printed copy of the pages. If these are missing they will be made in Dunav Press at client's expense with the purpose of keeping the quality requirements.


All colours in the Pantone® system and these defined as SPOT-colors will be exposed on a different color separated films. If colors defined in RGB, HSB and Lab system are used in client's files, then the standard methods and profiles of Dunav Press will be applied for conversion to CMYK and color separation. If any profiles are embedded in the client's file, then the exposure will be made by their use.


The parameters of the trapping and overprinting of the colors must be set for every single object in the documents.


If some additional modules (plug-ins) are used for file generation, they must be brought together with the working file.

The maximum number of the points or junctions in a vector image is limited to 500. The same number is used as a limitation of the clipping paths in Photoshop EPS files.

The final size of the product is determined by the document's size and the additional specific fields that are necessary for the printing process. Thus it's recommended to contact a technology dispatcher in Dunav Press for determining the desired size of the product.


The following media can be used for data transfer:

- USB Hard Disk Drives (HDD) for IBM PC/AT;

- Compact Discs - (CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW);

- USB flash drives.

In case of necessity the information may be compressed with any of these programs - ZIP, ARJ, RAR or ACE for PC platform and STUFFIT or ZIP for Macintosh platform. Data can also be transferred via Internet: or e-mail:

The following requirements must be observed for e-mail transfers:

- the size of the sent emails cannot be more than 3 MB;

- in our recommendation the sent files have to be preliminary compressed using one of the compressing program before their sending as attachment;

- We recommend to use the web-based system for filetransfer for files that exced 3 MB;

- when sending files, generated on Macintosh platform it's requested to combine and compress the files in a HQX archive.

If necessary, provide username and password to access this web-based system where there is no need to use any additional software. To get the details of the transfer contact Head of Prepress department Rosen Kozlev - tel .: (+35982) 880-252, e-mail: