The company provides to its customers high quality varnishing on the entire surface or partiall (optional) varnishing, covering certain areas of the surface of the article. Different types of varnishing can be implemented with the following varnishes:

  • Water based varnish;
  • UV varnish;
  • Low migration varnish;
  • Peel off - a special coating allows an easy removal of the label;
  • Scratch off - coverage (Grind colours) - conceals the information, which only can be seen by rubbing off the paint;
  • Fluorine varnish - fluorescence which appears under black light (bar, disco etc.);
  • Flavoured varnish - slightly matt paint which releases fragrances by friction (tobacco, coffee, fruits, spices, plants, etc.).

Dunav press team is ready to advise clients regarding the use of different types of varnishes.