Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 52 Proline

Max. sheet size: 52 x 84 cm
Min. sheet size: 10 x 15 cm (with TREMAT 14x20 cm)
Max. speed:    180 m/min

Digital control OCT 500
Integrated counter for single sheets and number of batches
Self-setting mode with automatic setting of sheet length, suction length and sheet gap
Set up mode / single sheet mode
Frequency dirven inverter drive for stepless speed adjustment

Fi 52 flat pile feeder:
Sheet seperation with airwing blowers
Swing up supporting bar for sheet seperation attachment
Height scanning with contact-free pile control
PU-suction wheel with 2 rows of holes
Double sheet inspector

1st station Ti 52 Praline:
Working width 52 cm
Standard equiped with buckle plates with swing deflector
Nickel-faced rods
Helical gears for synchronized drive
Soft-PU folding rollers with Corrosion-proof slitter shafts and FESTA setting devices
Special ball bearings with multiple labyrinth seals and an extra large grease volume
Sheet control switch at folding unit

Fi 52 Praline flat pile feeder    1
Tremat with air-wing blower
Ergonomical stacking
Flat pile feeder Fi 52
Ti 52 Proline 1st station    1

1st station 4 buckle plates incl. front mounted slitter shafts MWV
Sheet monitoring via sensor
Hard-PU folding rollers instead of Soft-PU folding_ r_o_lle_r_s
Scoring against PU    1
Safety device feeder and 1st station

Mobile stream delivery SAK-52.A:
Working width 52 cm
Automated setting of the stop rollers
lnfeed height continuously adjustable

Accessories / options
Mobile stream delivery SAK-52.A - for subsequent delivery, standard with 1st station (automated)

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